This includes emotional support, companionship, and a sense of belonging. It can involve friends, family, neighbours, or community groups offering a listening ear, encouragement, or empathy during difficult times.

 as a social enterprise often come together to help individuals or families facing financial hardship. This can involve fundraising efforts, charity programs, or the provision of financial resources to meet essential needs.Community support can extend to education and skill-building programs, such as after-school tutoring, adult literacy classes, or vocational training.

Coaching and Mentoring

Our mentoring groups are a warm and open space for young people to share any concerns on their minds on anything obstacle troubling them.
There are many young children and young who face daily parental problems in the community, Eagle Nation approaches those kids to show them a more positive way to face different troubles.
The sessions are based on positive mental health, life choices, healthy eating, future planning, positive impact in community, focus and self-reflection.
The sessions are designed to empower the young people; giving them the necessary tools, skills, beliefs and competencies to overcome any challenges that life throws their way.

Training, and Empowering

 We have established a strong reputation for delivering high-quality, large-scale, national skills development programmes for young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.
From outdoor learning and online safety to money management and mental health, we reach and engage young people who don’t traditionally have access to personal development opportunities.

Assistance and Support

We are a leading youth development social activity. We believe there is no greater cost to society than unfulfilled potential.
The number of children in poverty is set to reach five million this year. This means young people around you are going to school hungry, getting bullied for wearing an old uniform or missing out on activities with friends. These young people have to work extra hard to stay happy, motivated and focused on the future.
We work so all families can afford to keep their children healthy, happy and hopeful, even when money is tight. The reason Eagle Nation is here is to provide different food distribution programs in the community for vulnerable families, a poor background shouldn’t hold a child back.